In Memoriam

The following message, penned by a fair lady, was written to the editor of the Sunday Mercury in memory of Edward Britton who died from wounds received from Antietam.


Dear friends,

As day after day news of the numerous engagements reach us, accompanied with their lists of killed and wounded so each one who has those they cherish in the midst of this terrible strive gazes with tearful eye and palpitating heart to see if the name of him is there to see if he who is perhaps their sole support has been seedily called away. Gone, they exclaim with faltering voice as they read the fatal name-a name to them written in letters of blood a name that before long will cease to be remembered by the multitude while it remains a saddened recollection to the sorrowful few.

God rest you,
Edwin Britton.

An everlasting friend

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