In Memoriam

To the editor of York’s daily news paper.



I am bound by sacred duty to make mention of the last rites of a noble hero who has offered up his life. By the dim light of the camp fire they dug his shallow bed and with the ground leaves they lowered the sacred remains to their mother earth. Perhaps a kind and devoted father, who has left a family to mourn his untimely end or even a fond and beloved husband, or the idol of some poor maiden’s heart, whose frail constitution will be prostrated by the receipt of this sad intelligence. God grant that they may have sufficient strength to meet his woeful news and may a guardian’s care protect the widow and the orphan and bless the declining years of his aged parents. Noble youth, you were a martyr in freedom’s cause. Thy memory shall become as sacred as the cause thou wert engaged in. May you rest in peace.

Jershua Jenkins

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