A Brother's Bond

Explore the battlefields, artifacts and legends of the Civil War. These places tell the story of the soldiers who marched, fought, and died together.

News from the Home Front

While the war waged on the field, life went on at home. Ride along and experience daily life in the Civil War era.

Women and the War

Soldiers weren't the only ones who played a role in the outcome of the war. Women were abolitionists, nurses, teachers, and business-owners. Ride along the trails and see where women laid rails, worked assembly lines, and served in the arsenals as they helped keep the wheels of progress turning.

The Battle Cry For Equality

Journey along the trail of Underground Railroad stations, abolitionist freedom fighters, and African American soldiers. This is the roadtrip of freedom-seekers.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home

When the war ended, Pennsylvania began the process of healing from the fighting and losses of loved ones in the battles. Go on a journey through Pennsylvania’s hallowed grounds and stories of sacrifice made by those who played a role in the Civil War.