Prospect Hill cemetery

More than 1,000 Civil War soldiers rest at Prospect Hill Cemetery. Nearly 200 of those in the cemetery's Soldier's Circle died at York's U.S. army hospital. A statue of a soldier, flanked by cannon, stands as testament to their sacrifices.

Burials in the cemetery include York native, Major General William Buel Franklin. Franklin commanded the Left Grand Division of the Army of the Potomac at the Battle of Fredericksburg. Another is Private Jacob Horlebein, a captive at the notorious Confederate prison at Andersonville, Georgia, who died shortly after reaching home. The gravesites also include two Medal of Honor winners, First Sergeant Charles Henry Ilgenfritz and Marine Corps Sergeant John H. Denig. Ilgenfritz received his citation "for most distinguished gallantry in action at Fort Sedgwick," and Denig, for fighting with "skill and courage" onboard the USS Brooklyn at Mobile Bay.

York's Civil War history was significantly impacted by businessman Arthur B. Farquhar, both lauded and reviled for his initiative which resulted in the surrender of York to the Confederates. He wrote, "I shall never forget those days, being pointed out as 'the man who had sold York' to the Rebels, instead of one of those who saved it."