A Husband To His Wife


Camp Seymour Hilton Head South Carolina Company A,
8th Regiment - Colored U.S Colored Troops

My dear Wife,

I sit down and take my pen in hand to inform you that I am well at present and I hope that these few lines may find you in the same state of health.

My beloved, I have written you five letters and I have not received a letter from you since you sent me your picture. Thank you for I longed to see your kind likeness I got a case for it. I paid 75 cents for it. Did you receive the letter I wrote on the 28th of January? I sent a ring in it for our dear little Ann.

I am feeling very sorry to think that I am so far from home and have not heard from you so long. I feel very much down heated. I need to hear from you as often as possible while I am spared to live for my time may not be long.

My ink is pale. My pen is bad. My love to you shall never fail No more at present but still remember your dear husband.

Alexander McGrew

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