Mount Olivet Cemetery 1

The Battle of Hanover took place on June 30, 1863. Approaching Hanover on the morning of June 30, Stuart's vanguard encountered a Union cavalry division under Brigadier General Judson Kilpatrick, which included Brigadier General George A. Custer's Brigade. After severe fighting in the town's streets, the Federal horsemen chased the Rebels out of town. This impeded his linking with Jubal Early's Confederate infantry, which was redeploying from York towards Gettysburg. Without news from Stuart, Lee had begun to concentrate his army around Gettysburg when he learned that the Federals were closing in. This led to Stuart not arriving at Gettysburg until late on July 2. The Battle of Hanover, then, was an early important action in the Gettysburg campaign which favored the Union.

Panorama by Alan Chaffee Photography