Broad Street Market 2

By the advent of the Civil War, Harrisburg's growth generated the demand for a new farmers market, in addition to the original markets situated in the middle of Market Square since the beginning of the 19th Century. Thus was formed The West Harrisburg Market Company in 1860. Thereafter, a stone market house was erected at the head of Broad Street, later named Verbeke Street on the then outskirts of town. It was here that soldiers training at Camp Curtin would seek fresh produce. As growth intensified, a brick market was constructed in 1874 and expanded from west to east in 1877 and 1886 respectively. Still as vibrant as ever, having been thoroughly restored by the City with accent lighting, banners and central plaza, the buildings remain one of the oldest continuously operating market houses in the United States.

Panorama by Jeb Stuart / Jackson Lattimore