Preserving The Union

Mercersburg, Pennsylvania

Hon. T. Stevens
Dear Sir,

Can there not, in some way be a provision made, requiring at once, or very soon an oath of every person in the land -- that no oath, past, or future, to any society, Secret, or open shall be as obligatory, as that to support the State & National Laws, & Government.

I am thoroughly persuaded, that most persons, because they have never taken an oath to support the State & National Laws & Government, believe themselves to be under more solemn obligations to support that organization & it laws, to which they have given their oaths. I have never taken an oath to any Secret Society, least my conscience, perverted, might cause me to sin. Such oaths, I fear, have had much to do with this Rebellion; and will have power, greatly injurious, in settling terms with traitors.

Very Respectfully Yours,
John R. Agnew

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