Citizenship And Service

The letter is from a Vermont soldier, Wilbur Fisk, to the Ladies of the Pennsylvania Sanitary Commission.


Dear ladies,

"The soldiers entertain a high regard for Pennsylvania. Nowhere else that I have been are soldiers treated with so much consideration and respect as there. If rations are served to us there, it is of a quality good enough for the most fastidious, and that peculiar air, 'Good enough for soldiers,' seems to be entirely wanting among these benevolent people."

"...the regiment arrived at Harrisburg, where we were treated to another excellent meal at the Union Volunteer Refreshment Saloon, -- a place that many a soldier will hold in grateful remembrance. The boys think there is no place for a soldier like Pennsylvania, and indeed, we have good reason to think so, for the fields are ripe and the livestock plump and there is nothing in the world that will make a hungry man so grateful as to give him a good dinner.

We are usually tired enough and hungry when we come into a town to appreciate to the fullest extent, the kindness of the ladies and gentlemen who have, during all this war, contributed so bountifully for the comfort of the soldiers passing through there.

Our sincere thanks for your hospitality.

I remain yours,
Wilbur Fisk

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