Brother To Brother

Camp of the 126th, Virginia

Dear Brother

I hope all are safe and well in Franklin County. We have been marching pretty hard for the last few days. It has been raining for the last two days and it is raining now. The roads are miserable some places the wheels sink into the hubs. Some places the axles scrape the mud. The teams often stand and have to double team it. It is a miserable place.

On half rations to day. Teams are gone for rations but the roads are bad and the teams are poor. We hope they will be here to night. The boys some of them traded coffee for flour. It is worth $25.00 per 13 lb.

On the 10th we were drawn up in line to hear Gen McClellan's farewell it was short and he rode along the lines with his hat off. We saluted him at a present arms. The company gave him three cheers. On the 12th we had Gen Porter's farewell. He too rode past with his hat off and as he shook hands with Gen Tyler the tears came into his eyes.

Tell mother I drew two pairs of government stocking and a pair of new shoes which I will carry with me till my boots give out. That won't be long.

If you have a chance to send with anyone coming here, you may send my good boots but if not do not send them. There will be very little chance of my getting them.

Your loving and affect brother

G. F. Ziegler

This letter inspired a ready-to-ride roadtrip. Relive it for yourself: