A Son to His Father


Dear Father,

I wrote you a letter last week from Baltimore. I hope that you received it. This morning I seat myself with pen in hand to inform you that I am well-and hoping that these few lines may find you all enjoying the same blessing of health that I enjoy at present.

I left Carlisle yesterday evening. We landed here this morning. This afternoon at 3:00 o'clock we leave for Washington and I expect we go on to Warrenton, Va. We will join Capt Patterson's Company-148 Regt.

Well, Father, I feel satisfied that I am doing the will of God. I feel glad that I could so willingly yield to the will of God. I know that God is able to deliver me safe and if I should fall in the field of Battle. I am glad to know that God will save me forever in Heaven. I know that he that promised is faithful and cannot lie. I take God at His Word. That if our conscious condemns us not. Neither will He - as He is greater than our conscious.

For instance you will ask me how I know this. I answer that I feel my acceptance with God. Yes, Father, I can say-Glory to God for the hope of Eternal Life.

I fear no gun or cannon. My faith is strong in the Lord. If I fall I will fall in the arms of the Lord. If I should never see you on earth, Father and the family all, Try and meet me in Heaven where there will be no pain-where our eyes shall run down no more with tears, where the wicked cease from troubling and the weary are forever at rest. Oh, the glorious thought of eternity and enjoying heaven as a home while eternity remains. Now, Father, will you all-the family-promise to meet me in Heaven? Give my respects to all enquiring friends and take good care of Rachel and the two little babes and you shall be rewarded for it.

I must close as I have not much time. I will write soon again. So fare well for this time.

Yours Truly.
F. Rosenbery

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