A Sister To Her Brother



I am a thousand times obliged to you for the diamond pin you Sent me. True to my promise, I wore it in your honor last night when Alice and I went to see Miss Maggie McCauley.

When I received it, I thought I would never get done unbundling it. I thought it surly must be very huge and valuable wrapped that way.

But when I came across that big lump of red sealing wax and a little end of white paper sticking out of its tiny package, I knew what was up then. But for all your hoax in wrapping it, I value the pin very much.

This last picture of yours that you sent Papa is very good. If it only had not such red cheeks. That is all I do not like about it. Your dear Miss Burgess thinks it is not at all good and says it. Looks as though you had Europe Asia and Africa behind you. We don’t happen to agree on that point. But Papa thinks she would like it better if it had a sleeping cat in the back ground.

While I am talking about pictures, I must not forget to tell you that Miss Maggie McCauley want one of you also. She said you should please not forget her and plans to send you one of hers. In fact but she gave me a very good one yesterday evening which I also enclose on her behalf. Mrs. Gray says you must not forget your old music teacher. Enough for now. Be safe and God bless you.

Your affectionate sister

This letter inspired a ready-to-ride roadtrip. Relive it for yourself: