A Mother’s Plea For Help

Somer Field, Pennsylvania

Governor Andrew Curtin;
Dear Sir,

I am under necessity of asking you a favor. I want to ask you to give my son a furlough to come home and get me some wood. It is well known by all of my neighbors that you have my only son in the army serving his country. He answered the call of duty and is now in the 155th PA Regiment Volunteers, 3rd Brigade, 1st Division, and 5th Corp. My son has been in the army since the 16th of July, 1861 and hasn't been home yet. It is actually necessary that he gets a furlough for three or four days to come home and help me get a lot of wood. I've now discovered that he's in the hospital and will be returned to his regiment soon. I ask you to give him permission to stop by here since I have not a stick of wood or a sack of feed or anyone to take a bushel of grain to the mill for me. I can't do the job myself without getting sick, as I am getting along in years. I will return him to you healthy and ready for battle. Please direct your reply to me, and answer soon if you can.

A devoted daughter of the Union,

Ann Slone

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