A Husband To His Wife


To my dear wife, Hally,

I wrote two letters to pap and I wrote you one and I haven't got any yet but I think I will get one soon.

I can set in my tent and see the steeples in Petersburg. See them very plain. We have moved about 5 miles from the camp that we were at when I wrote to you before. There was a man shot in our regiment. He was shot by one of his own men. He was on picket and he went to relieve himself and one soldier thought he was deserting and halted him but he did not stop. So they shot him dead on the spot. They have no tolerance for deserters, I am afraid.

I would like to see you and the little ones but I don’t suppose that I will for awhile but I want you to send me your likeness an I want Mary’s and Annie’s if there is any picture of the dear child.

I also want you to get yours and little Joseph’s likeness on one plate and send them as soon as you can for I long to see them.

Philip is well and the rest of the boys. Be on the look out for a package. Philip sent his clothes home and I sent you some knives and my neckerchief. You can get them from his family. Hally I dream about home nearly every night. I dream that I was talking to you and you were full of smiles and laughter. I want you to send the likeness of all as soon as you can for I need them for my reality.

Nothing more at present but write and write as soon as you get this letter.


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