A Brother's Bond

A Brother's Bond

As Robert Lee's army pushed north, Pennsylvania became the site of battles that shaped history as we know it. These streets, fields, and forests set the stage for soldiers, farmers, doctors, and ordinary civilians to guide the United States on a path across one of the deadliest periods in our history towards a time of peace and solidarity. Ride along on this trip and learn about Pennsylvania’s role in the Civil War and how it helped preserve The Union.

National Civil War Museum - Harrisburg

The National Civil War Museum sits majestically atop Harrisburg's highest point. Once you step out of your car, you'll see the beautiful hillsides of Cumberland where Civil War soldiers clashed. Take a stroll around the building and see just how close the Confederates came to conquering Harrisburg. The museum holds collections of artifacts, manuscripts, documents, photographs, and other printed artifacts. The Museum itself sits at the head of the Cumberland Valley; the same lands that Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army entered as he invaded Pennsylvania. The National Civil War Museum is the largest in the world solely dedicated to the American Civil War, and it proudly provides an unbiased look at the war from both Northern and Southern viewpoints. Outside the museum is the Walk Of Valor, an arc of red bricks featuring the etched names of those who served. It paints a picture of not just the bloodshed but the breadth of the contribution across the country.

Cumberland County Historical Society - Carlisle

Cumberland County Historical Society, a PA Civil War Trails Gateway site and Network to Freedom location, has a new dynamic, award-winning museum that engages, inspires and educates visitors of all ages. Visitors will experience stories of a changing world, evolving lives and the dreams that shaped local, state and national history. The newly redesigned facility is on the second floor, expanded to 6,300 square feet and encompasses 16 galleries with nine windows to history and two changing galleries. Dedicated to preserving, collecting and interpreting county history, CCHS maintains the library, photo archives, hands-on educational center, museum shop and historic Two Mile House, located on Walnut Bottom Road in Carlisle.

Eat Here: Stock's on 2nd - Harrisburg

Stock's is a well-known favorite of the Harrisburg dining scene. The cuisine is eclectic American fare with Asian and Southeastern influences. The granite bar features Harrisburg's first martini bar, well complemented by the high ceilings, exhibition kitchen, and mahogany woodwork. And if the weather is right, take your meal and drinks outside on Stock's sidewalk seating.

Sleep Here: Hilton - Harrisburg

The Hilton is conveniently located at the south end of Restaurant Row with plenty of options for breakfast in the morning. Notice on the far corner outside the hotel, one of the Pennsylvania Civil War Trails Gateway Signs, one of six placed throughout the many counties of Civil War Trails. Get some rest. Big roadtripping days are ahead.